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Search For Scotland’s Most Scared Patient

Dentistry on the Square were running a competition to find ‘Scotland’s Most Scared Dental Patient’ and offering a prize of £10,000 worth of Freedom From Dental Fear Treatment. Just before we announced that Mary Gallacher was the lucky person to win the competition. You can see her video diary here…

Meet Competition Winner Mary Gallagher

Mary Getting Ready To Start Her Treatment

“Competition Winner Mary Gets To See Her New Smile For The First Time”

Hello, and thank you for dealing with your dental fears. It is not easy, but this site is your first step.

Today and inside a free book, there are at a least twenty ways for ‘Pain Free Dentistry’ to work for you, right now, in your lifetime.

No matter what dental treatment you have in mind … there is a PAIN FREE and FEAR FREE method that will help transform your life painlessly, easily, quickly, affordable and at the same time help your family and friends.

Mark is a member of the British Dental Association and is the publisher of three Guides including, ‘How Glasgow Women Can Now Say Goodbye to Their Twisted, Crooked and Uneven Teeth’, and ‘How To End Missing Teeth And Denture Anguish.’

“Mark Skimming Chats With Talk Europe About His New Pain Free Book”

Mark has a passion for helping people with dental fears and phobias and understands your worries and concerns.

HIS PASSION has lead him to be invited to sit on a panel in front of 100 of the UK’s leading dentists to educate them on his pain free techniques.

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The past 5 years running the clinic has been awarded the Customer Service Award for responding promptly and helpfully to customer emails and phone calls.

“Freedom From Dental Fear”

Mark’s clinic makes a point of answering phone calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week and also offers early and late and Saturday appointments.

Mark’s extreme focus on YOU, rather than WE, the dentist, has also led  him to being featured in the media and he recently won an award for the ‘Provision of Extreme Customer Service’ by the Life Transformational Dentistry Group.

“I believe honesty and knowledge are the most important attributes of a good dentist,” said Mark, “whilst poor communication skills and speaking in jargon terms are the most common faults of a bad dentist.”

Right on your very own doorstep from his Dentistry On The Square clinic in Glasgow, Mark integrates conventional medical dentistry with his Dr Skimming ‘Pain Free’ Method of Dentistry.

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