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Dental Fear 1 – Needles

Here’s How To Overcome
Dental Fear # 1: Needles

Needles are one of the most common phobias that we see in the practice for a number of reasons, mainly due to a previous bad experience with a doctor or quite often an unsympathetic school dentist, these are the typical stories we hear. 

There are a number of things that we can do for these patients, they are often treated using the pain free injection system  like the Wand or what we have ourselves called the Quick Sleeper.  These systems receive a pressure feedback sensation on them to make sure there is not too much pressure that goes into the tissues because although most patients think that it is the needle that causes the pain, that is not actually the case. 

As long as we use some numbing gel anesthetic they very rarely feel the needle, the pain actually comes from having the injection put in and having it deposited too quickly into the tissues, which causes quite a bit of pain.  So having either a very slow effective technique or using one of these systems like the Quick Sleeper or the “Wand” can vastly improve sensation. 

Other ways of having your treatment NEEDLE FREE, we do have some patients who decide just to have dentistry without any injections, this can be quite often no problem for having filling treatments done but unfortunately nobody would be able to have an extraction completed that way. 

An even better way of having your fillings done is through laser treatments.  With laser treatments it often makes the requirement for an injection unnecessary because the laser actually desensitises the tooth as it cleans everything out.  Another way is having some laughing gas known as relapath anesthesia placed over your nose and that has a painkilling effect as well as making the patient nice and relaxed and lets them sit through their treatment. 

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