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Dental Fear 10 – Cost

Here’s How To Overcome
Dental Fear # 10: Cost

A lot of the patients are aware that a lot of dental treatment, especially the high quality dental treatment can be expensive.  We do try and make this as affordable as possible. 

Now in England they have an NHS banding system which is carried out, in Scotland it is very much different it is just paid, you just pay for what you want to have done and it can vary.  

Your examination by a dentist under the NHS in Scotland is FREE, but any treatment subsequent from that you would have to pay for.  But the benefit is that you would find out what the full cost is before beginning. 

At my practice it is predominantly private treatment and what we do is we bring patients in and we give them a full consultation so that they are aware of everything that can be carried out and everything that we’d look to do to achieve what their wishes are. 

From there they are given a full written quotation and there are a number of options of spreading the payment, they can have it interest free for up to two years, we can even spread their payment over four years, just at a low cost.

From this point you really only have to go through this once and from there everything is straight forward maintenance, simple check-ups, which a hygienist does,  just to keep on top of all the dentistry.  It is  to make sure that everything is ticking along nicely and maintain a healthy mouth.

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Smile Advisor Team

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