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Dental Fear 14 – Feeling Numb

Here’s How To Overcome 
Dental Fear # 14: Feeling Numb

These patients are generally concerned about a loss of control, how it can affect their appearance, fear of suffocation and panic attacks are reported. 

Just some negative associations like they may have to avoid their dinner, not have anything too hot either food or drink wise in case they scald themselves, they have to be careful. Some patients have even bitten down on their lips before when their lips have been numb. 

In this practice we like to use the “Quick Sleeper” because that is very much a locally acting anaesthetic, it doesn’t spread to these other facial areas that can be seen on the outside, so we have no numb lips, we have no numb tongue, we have no numb cheeks, just purely the tooth. 

People come in, they can have their treatment and head straight back off to a business meeting immediately afterwards, so having the dentistry does not get in the way of their life.

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