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Here’s How To Overcome 
Dental Fear # 19: Unnecessary Treatment

Not every dentist agrees on every treatment plan. We try to stick to what we call evidence based dentistry as much as possible, but in a certain dentist’s hands a technique might work better with another dentist and through their own experience they carry out certain treatments.

In this practice we do a lot of implant work. Whereas a lot of other dentists won´t provide that and may do a lot of bridge work in their practic. There are pros and cons to each and best to go with someone you find that you´re very much comfortable with and who has been recommended to you by someone else.

Maybe a dentist that´s got some extra qualifications and then you can see that they’ve done a lot more training than just left dental school, someone who has more letters after their name other than their BDS.

Look for dentists who have won awards these dentists have no fear of showing off their work that they’re able to do and be criticised by their peers. They don´t have that worry so these dentists tend to find that they´re carrying out very good quality ethical dental treatments.

If you’re unsure about the treatment that you’ve been advised get a second opinion. It’s crucial for your own peace of mind and perhaps you may decide to be referred by a dentist to someone else they may know, a colleague who they regularly refer to for second opinions.  But you´ll be best to find somebody who does the same types of treatments.

For example, when you have a dentist like myself, who´s able to do implants and then you go for a second opinion for someone who’s not able to do implants, they tend to be focused on their more limited experience of certain types of dentistry.

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