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Dental Fear 2 – Gagging

Here’s How To Overcome 
Dental Fear # 2: Gagging

A very common problem we see with patients, and unfortunately with a lot of these patients, we find there are histories of child abuse and things which are obviously very unpleasant for them. 

When they have something placed in their mouth, be it having an impression taken or a dentist using any dentistry instruments, it can illicit this response. 

We do have a number of ways around that: decongestants, sit the patient up straight, get them to breathe through their nose, big deep breaths, try and keep them as calm as possible.  Another wee tip is putting salt on the tip of their tongue. 

I don’t actually know the reason for it, but it is a well known trick that dentists use and it quite often gets rid of the gag reflex.  Sedation, particularly with some laughing gas, some nitrogen oxide should be able to calm them down sufficiently, but I have to be honest, we don’t use that an awful lot. 

Usually just a bit of communication, and a calm and confident dentist, for the vast majority of cases, can help these patients proceed. 

In this practice we take fewer and fewer impressions since we have the Cerec machine, so whenever there’s crown work with teeth we can have them SCANNED rather than have bulky and messy impressions taken.  It is a lot more pleasant for the patient as well as getting them back from the labs a lot quicker.

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