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Dental Fear 3 – Brushing Teeth

Here’s How To Overcome 
Dental Fear # 3: Brushing Teeth

Although it is not something that patients admit to very often we do see it as a problem in everyday dental practice. 

With these patients, with the majority of them, it is due to some form of depression; they are really not taking care of themselves generally so we try and deal with that in particular ways. 

We find out if they are taking any medications to try and address that, if not we try and motivate them and we encourage them to  speak to somebody, ideally see their doctor about these issues.

For some other patients, particularly people who are working away and have busy work lives, we try to introduce teeth brushing to a time where it doesn’t slow them down for the day, and they can still brush their teeth. 

So during their shower time if they brush their teeth in the shower it avoids any extra time and any concerns about dropping toothpaste on their clothes has been eradicated.

They’ve removed the challenge so it is just about changing the daily routine.  Once everything is part of the daily routine people tend to maintain it.

People with gag reflex we advise and give children’s toothbrushes to, make sure they’ve got a soft small head and they tend to be able to manage with these things.  If we do see any further problems then hypnosis would be the way to go. 

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