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Dental Fear 4 – Pain

Here’s How To Overcome 
Dental Fear # 4: Pain

Most of the patients we see do have a phobia of dentistry due to a previous bad experience of their own or being told of a bad experience by a family member, particularly parents telling it to their children and then they develop a fear of attending the dentist due to worries about pain.  

Now there are a number of things we can do here.  Any patient that does come in and has treatment here will receive their treatment PAIN FREE.  

We just ask them to write something down in our testimonial book because when we see them again in six months time they’ll have forgotten the easy experience they had last time they visited us.  We use this as a kind of repetition tool, to remind them of how easy everything was when they last attended. 

We use a pain free injection system, often patients report that this is the most painful part of their experience at the dentist and once you are nice and numb you can have your dental treatment completed without any pain whatsoever. 

There are other alternatives that we can use, for example, sedation dentistry if you are very phobic about having pain you receive a wee drug put in your arm or in the back of your hand and it makes you nice and relaxed for about forty five minutes. 

It is often called sleep dentistry or sleep anesthesia and it just gets everybody nice and relaxed and allows you to have your dental treatment without any challenges. 

With the pain experience as well, we find that because patients are unaware of what is going on, because it’s either not been explained to them or they don’t have a good knowledge of dental treatment that we carry out, particular work to do, where there may be a wee bit of pulling on a cheek to get the impression tray in it may illicit what they feel is a pain response. 

We feel that if this is clearly explained to the patient beforehand they know what’s happened and they don’t report it as a pain response, they just report it as what you would do having treatment carried out. 

So a thorough explanation and clear guidelines on exactly what it is that we are going to do so that the patient has an expectation and then the patient will believe that and when they leave the surgery and feels much more comfortable.

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