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Dental Fear 5 – The Drill

Here’s How To Overcome 
Dental Fear # 5: The Drill

Again one of the most common complaints we hear from patients, is the noise of the drill, particularly the vibrations created using certain hand pieces and that can illicit an uncomfortable sensation for the patients. 

In the practice we try and use the laser as much as possible, although reasonably similar looking to the drill, the laser doesn’t have that sensation of the vibration on the tooth. 

You don’t get the smells and because you are being introduced to something new they feel it is more advanced and are more comfortable with that. 

To reduce the noise of the drill when you are walking through the hallway we ensure that all doors are shut at all times if any of the hand pieces are being used. 

We try and make patients as comfortable as possible, we give them noise cancelling earphones so that they don’t hear any of the noises. 

We give them DVD goggles, so  they are NOT looking and are NOT concentrating on the dentistry that is being carried out, but on the movie or the TV show that is being played on the DVD.  

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