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Dental Fear 6 – Panic Attack

Here’s How To Overcome 
Dental Fear # 6: Panic Attack

Patients can come in and go into a panic attack whilst in the chair before we start any dental treatment, it is just the thought of having anything carried out. 

So I think at the initial consultation with the patients we ask them if they have any fears, any anxiety, or if they have been able to have treatment carried out previously. 

If it has not been possible for them then we tend to look down the sedation route where they have a wee drug placed in the back of their hand or into their arm for a short period of time to let them carry out their dental treatment.

During treatment they must bring somebody to accompany them, someone who is responsible for them and can provide them with a bit of support and care and that person should be happy to sit and wait with them or if they want to sit in the waiting lounge, whatever they prefer to do. 

But a panic attack is just a signal that the patient isn’t physically or mentally able to cope with their dental treatment and anything we can do to make them more comfortable from the smells in the practice, to provide them with some sedation even if it is a bit more mild than most of them we can give some oral sedation, some tablets to take before, just to help calm their nerves and then let them continue their treatment.

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