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Dental Fear 7 – Loss of Control

Here’s How To Overcome 
Dental Fear # 7: Loss of Control

With loss of control there are two ways that we use this, the most common is a the hand signal, where the patient can lift their hand at any point during any treatment and that just tells us to stop. 

Be that they want a rest or they feel a bit of water is building up in the back of their mouth and they would like to rinse out their mouth, or they feel slightly uncomfortable and they would just like a break, just to speak to the dentist about what‘s going on.  As I said, the hand signal is  most commonly used for that. 

For people who are even more phobic and would like everything to stop immediately, whenever they wish, we can use the dental button.  This is a wee device that they hold, they control and press that whenever they wish. 

The patient always tests it out before it’s required just to check that it is working and whenever they press the button all the facilities cut out and that can be applied to almost any dental instrument. 

The patient is in full control, it gives them a bit more confidence in what is going on and it is really the control of their sensations that they are feeling and they don’t want to feel any pain, they don’t want to feel any discomfort. 

Having a dental button is a great tool to help.

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