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Dental Fear 8 – Being Awake

Here’s How To Overcome 
Dental Fear # 8: Being Awake

Being awake, people would consider being that during their sedation visit where a little amount of drug is put into their arm or hand and they are pretty much asleep.  

They are in a semi-conscious state and we are still able to pass instructions to them, but predominantly these patients remember nothing of the treatment. 

Now that is a side effect of the drug that they are given so within modern techniques we’re using Midazolam as a sedative but it will never be a concern for patients as it is well controlled, it’s monitored and it’s titrated to the patient until they give particular signs that they are ready to go ahead. 

Although they are semi conscious throughout the treatment they are not aware of this during or after.  We can give them instructions to open their mouth or to turn their head slightly but other than that they are pretty much unresponsive.  These are controlled by monitors to make sure everything is carried out safely.

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