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Here’s How To Overcome 
Dental Fear # 11: Embarrassment

No patient should ever be embarrassed when going to a dentist.

That´s why dentist do what they do. We find that they get a lot of benefit and patients are generally very grateful.

When they’ve not been in for a while, they are embarrassed about their smile and it really gives us the opportunity to make a massive change to not just only that patient’s appearance but to their whole confidence and their demeanour.

When patients come in quite embarrassed, first of all I like to reassure them but also I feel it gives me a great opportunity to do something fantastic.

It’s a real opportunity to make a real difference to this person life.  And you know they have already done the most difficult part by getting in through the door, meet the staff, meet the dentist and there is nothing the patient should be embarrassed about.

Your mouth can be in any condition, for what very reason, we’ve seen it all before.

There is nothing new to us, we can’t be surprised by anything that we see in dentistry nowadays and these people are attending for a number of reasons but whatever they are the dentists are open, they’re happy and  there to help.

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Smile Advisor Team

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