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Here’s How To Overcome 
Dental Fear # 16: Abuse Survivors

Now this is very different to what we see for your typical dental fear.

What really has to happen in these situations is a trust needs to be built. Now dentists understand that trust isn’t built on the first visit.

So with these patients you generally have to take things very slowly, do a cleaning, do one filling at a time, and have them accompanied by someone who they do trust.

Often it’s good to watch videos, read the testimonials from other patients. With these patients because you’re invading their personal space, a lack of control and other things that we’ve spoken about in terms of the dental button, and other stop signals can all be introduced to these patients.

These patients will not tell you what has gone on in their past but some like a chance to build some rapport with them, get to speak to them, tell them exactly what you’re going to do and communication is the key factor.

And if they know what you´re going to do beforehand often they tend to be very comfortable and can manage thoughout their treatment

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