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Here’s How To Overcome 
Dental Fear # 17: Local Anaesthetic

We have never come across an allergy of local anaesthetic in a single patient. Although it’s one that patients report quite regularly, what we often find is that they have had a slight reaction to adrenaline previously.

Now this would typically occur when they have an injection to numb a lower tooth, since the injection for a lower tooth the anaesthetic goes very close to a blood vessel which soaks up a fair amount of adrenaline. That then goes back to the heart so their heart starts beating very quickly, fast as in a palpitation.

They feel light headed, they feel faint, it a very unpleasant experience for any patient. There are particular syringes, special syringes that we can use to avoid that occurring.

We can tell that the injection is not into a blood vessel. With the “Quick Sleeper” that we use we don’t see that at all. It’s locally acting, we don´t find the same problem but with the adrenaline anaesthetics they are more effective than the non adrenaline.

So the other way of doing it is there are some adrenaline synthetics, that don’t work quite as well but can produce a good response in anaesthesia and patients who have a concern.

Quite often a bit of distraction helps, making sure the patient has eaten that morning so that their blood sugar isn’t too low and that avoids the issue of any patients feeling faint or light headed.

If it is the case that the patient is feeling faint, we just lie them back and if they’ve not eaten within the last couple of hours then we give them a glucose tablet.

It gets their blood sugar back up again and within 2-3 minutes they’re back to their normal selves and ready to continue on with the treatment.

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