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Here’s How To Overcome 
Dental Fear # 18: Extensive Treatment

Quite often patients do not like us to get into the details of what exactly we’re doing. They say that ignorance is bliss, just do what you need to do and get it over with.

In certain patients it’s best to break down treatment into smaller appointments or some prefer just to take longer appointments get it all done once, one visit to the dentist and have it all done.

And now that´s really up to the individual and it’s up to the dentist to communicate that to the patient, that they have these options. We do legally have a responsibility to provide patients with this information so unfortunately it’s not always possible to just go ahead and do the dentistry without them knowing too much about it.

They do need to know the procedure that they’re having done, they need to consent to it, they need to know the pros and cons of it. So more and more we´re having to get into these conversations with the patient.

Often patients find these conversations uncomfortable, they trust their dentist, just do what you think is best doctor and we can continue on the treatment. But you know extensive treatment can increase costs and things, so again these are all communications that we have to have with the patient.

Things need to be put down in writing and should be done at the initial examination appointment. If a patient just wants to come in, visit the practice, see the dentist then it´s not a problem for the patient to be re-seen at another time.

Possibly a coffee shop outside the practice, where they can meet a treatment coordinator who can discuss their treatment with them and they find at that point they can then read up some more information and be put at ease with the dentist.

And it´s nice to see their dentist is making more of an effort than your average dentist would do for them, and to be able to continue and have their treatment carried out.

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