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Here’s How To Overcome 
Dental Fear # 20: Crying

Almost every week I have someone crying within my own surgery and it’s the dentist’s job to show some empathy to these patients, and be sympathetic towards how they feel.

We have tissues throughout the practice to make sure patients know this is something that we see, we understand that people have dental fears, they have phobias, they have concerns about having treatments. They have had previously a bad experience. It´s the dentist´s job to listen to them and make sure they doesn´t happen again.

So no patient should be concerned, if they do feel they want to cry, let it happen.

We find that these patients tend to be good at communicating exactly what their concerns are, so we can focus on and deal with whatever concerns that they have got at the earliest opportunity rather than things bubbling under the surface and them not really discussing what their concern was in the first place.

So to be honest dentists have no problem with any patient crying as it is a good method for us to find out exactly what this patient needs.

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