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Healthy mouth, healthy body

Covid-19 has highlighted the importance of our health, say Glasgow dentists

“Healthy mouth, healthy body” is an old saying that has never been more important, explains Glasgow dentist Jamie.

A large proportion of the people who contacted Dentistry On The Square during lockdown with dental emergencies had not visited a dentist for more than a year. We always stress the importance of regular dental health examinations, so that any issues can be spotted early – before they become painful and more difficult to treat.

Dental health and fighting Covid-19

New research published in the British Dental Journal recently by Dr V. Samsoon linked poor oral health and coronavirus. It explained that our mouths include a healthy amount of bacteria, called microbiome, that can normally be exchanged between our mouth and our lungs.

When we have poor oral health, pathogenic bacteria (bad bacteria that cause disease) start to accumulate in our mouths and destroy that healthy balance. These bacteria can also be breathed into our lungs.  

One way these bacteria make us more vulnerable is by increasing our susceptibility to viral infections. Furthermore, when we are not healthy or we are infected by a viral infection they start to proliferate and create what is called a bacteria superinfection. This further compromises our already burdened immune system and in that way creates severe complications like pneumonia or acute respiratory syndrome.

Not seen a dentist for more than 12 months?

We know that it has been difficult to keep on top of regular dental visits over the past few months due to the government’s decision to close dental practices. Dentistry On The Square is delighted to have reopened and we have heavily invested in anti-virus protection, on top of our usual strict decontamination measures.

If you are searching for reassuringly safe dental care, contact us today. We look forward to welcoming you and your family to our dental practice in Glasgow.

Dentistry On The Square, 12 Niddrie Square, Glasgow, G42 8QE

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Why Choose Dentistry On The Square? We’ll Let Our Patients Answer That

Dentistry on the Square is now my main Dentist I am a customer for life.Had extensive cleaning which brought my smile back 🙂 whitening tray & retainers made.I had a back tooth which had to be removed however I was made to feel at ease & this was done completely pain free and has healed exceptionally well.Thanks so much to Elaine, Allison & Sarah & the rest of the team at Dentistry on the Square for advice, reasurance & giving me a confident smile.. Again! Would recommend 100% every more
Caroline Dawson
Caroline D.
My treatment is still ongoing but the service I have received so far has been outstanding. My treatment plan was discussed in depth, with all costs and payment options clear. I've had to rearrange a recent appointment which impacted my planned future appointments, this was done without issue. I knew from my first consultation that this would be the best place for my planned treatment, I left with no doubt or hesitation to book myself in. On another note when they say pain free dentistry - it really is pain free! I have been to various dental practices over the years and can honestly say this dental practice is more
Isabell Proctor
Isabell P.
Having never had dental work done before I was a little nervous.I have now finished my Implant Treatment and I couldn’t be happier with the result, the whole process was pain free!The team are the best in the business, professional, friendly and highly skilled and I couldn’t recommended them enough (I already have)!read more
Caitlin Rae Boyle
Caitlin Rae B.
I had an amazing experience with Jamie at dentistry on the square. I’ve been unhappy with my teeth for years but was never sure what my options were. After a very helpful consultation we decided to go for whitening and composite bonding. The procedure was painless and stress free, I even got to watch a movie while they did it! The results are amazing and I get compliments all the time. Highly more
Mairi Johnston
Mairi J.
I wanted to share my experience as I feel this will help if you are like I was, a highly nervous person after years of bad experiences at other dental practices.From the consultation to the amazing Sarah then on to Jamie K I can honestly say there has not been any time I have felt worried or scared of what would happen next or of any pain. I have had root treatment,I had noise cancelling headphones and listened to my music it was easy. I’ve had crowns, watched a film during it!! Count feel or hear anything. I searched all the reviews before going and it is True. It’s pain free and actually quite a nice experience, not your typical dentist. Don’t hesitate if you are thinking about going!!read more
Laura Cochrane
Laura C.
Really happy with my final results, many people have noticed my smile. I was nervous about opting to have cosmetic work done but really glad I did. There was no pain during my procedures (including root canal treatment). I’d really recommend the teeth whitening.
Emma Gray
Emma G.
Just a wee review to say my dental appointments were pain free ‘ unbelievable I know ‘but was really put at ease by everyone associated with dentistry on the square ‘ a big thanks to Jamie kinnell ‘ jade ‘ sophie ‘and the rest of the team ‘ 😁
Allan Slater
Allan S.
I wish I had gone here sooner! I am always made to feel very welcome and at ease by the team, and my treatment has been outstanding and pain free! I cannot recommend Dentistry on the Square enough!
Katie McPike
Katie M.
Such a lovely experience! The pain free team was amazing, specially Alison which took care of my teeth and journey. Would definitely recommend for an Invisalign treatment!!
marian madi
marian M.
So far in my treatment the staff have been lovely and welcoming. Currently in the process of teeth whitening and composite bonding. Sophie did a great job with my filling - totally pain free! Met with Andy to discuss composite bonding, he explained everything so clearly, back with him soon to complete my composite bonding, looking forward to see the final result. Highly recommend!read more
Hannan Mir
Hannan M.
Thank you so much Dentistry on the Square. I’m so happy with all the treatments so far! Ive just finished my invisalign experience which was pretty much completely pain free and surprisingly so quick would highly recommend. The staff are so lovely and welcoming. Dr Andy has been excellent in explaining everything in so much detail and making me feel comfortable with everything. Extremely happy : )read more
Rowan Sivewright
Rowan S.
Absolutely amazing service from the team at Dentistry on the Square. Jamie was great explaining everything throughout the treatment plan. Totally pain free experience for me, and would highly recommend.
Shazia Sarwar
Shazia S.
I’ve just finished my implant treatment with Jamie Kerr and Kelly, it was great start to finish they made everything so comfortable during my appointments and I couldn’t be happier with my results 😃.I also had a hygiene appointment with Sophie & Erin and again it was great 😃.I would like to thank everyone at Dentistry on the Square such a friendly bunch of people that made everything as easy as possible for me from start to finish and completely pain free ! I would highly recommend them to anyone for any treatment as I’m delighted with results !read more
Colin Gillies
Colin G.
Very friendly and professional experience! Completely pain free and already feeling a lot more confident with my smile in a short amount of time. Would highly recommend!
Rebecca Wilkie
Rebecca W.
Going to the dentist is not my favourite thing but the team at Dentistry on the Square made me forget why I was ever worried. The treatment I received from Andy and Sophie was of the highest class. They made me feel at ease and most importantly it was completely pain free! Cannot recommend highly enough, thank you!read more
Eilish Mcphee
Eilish M.
Highly highly recommend. I had some orthodontic and cosmetic treatment with Andy and he was great to work with and gave me the natural results I’m happy with. Then registered my daughter and I’m so glad I did. She needed two extractions as her baby teeth weren’t budging - I was dreading it! But Sophie and Chloe were absolutely amazing at putting her at ease. She barely felt a thing and had no pain or issues afterwards. This has really built her confidence in going to the dentist. And was a massive relief for me as a parent! They also moved her appt forward as she was in pain, and phoned to see how she was the next day. Absolutely exceptional. Thanks!read more
Alice Arie
Alice A.
I myself hate the dentist I hadn’t been for more than a year. Due to the work I was looking to have done I was researching and came across dentistry on the square.. one big thing is they thrive on there no pain stress free dentistry and I have to say for me that has been true fact .. I have never felt more comfortable in a dentist for years.. I’ve been seeing Andrew and he’s always been very detailed in everuthin which again makes you more settled.. so Thankyou DOTS for changing my dentist more
Anita Carrick
Anita C.
Fantastic dental surgery, all staff extremely professional. My experience was totally pain free & I was put at ease at every appointment & also allowed time to discuss any concerns. Special thanks to Dawn Tighe 'smile advisor' following my first consultation with her, I made the decision to choose Dentistry on the Square for treatment also Jamie Kerr & Jamie Kinnel, both exceptional dentists, with a brilliant individual patient centred approach to their work. Highly more
Geraldine Macrae
Geraldine M.
Just finished my pain free treatment with Jamie Kinnell. I cannot thank him enough along with the rest of the team.I had teeth whitening and two veneers to my front two teeth.The whole process was explained, I was given the choice of treatments available and advice on the best outcome for my teeth.I had detailed advice from Sophie the hygienist to ensure I look after my teeth properly.My family and friends have commented on my new front teeth, saying they are identical to my natural teeth. I am absolutely delighted with the results. Strangers have said my teeth look great, really white and great smile. They did not notice that my two front teeth are not my own.This is exactly the result I wanted.I would highly recommend to friends and more
Carol Gilchrist
Carol G.
I had been looking for a dentist and after a recommendation from a friend, I went to Dentistry on the square. I came in for a health check, cleaning and smile consultation and the process was superb. I usually hate having a cleaning and wind up in pain afterwards and loathe the process due to discomfort caused. This time round I didnt feel anything during or afterwards and the result was great. I saw Andy McIntyre and will say that I won't go anywhere else from now on. In fact I will look forward to it as they really do live up to their promise of pain free dentist. I have also recommended a friends.Thanks Andy and more
Zane Cringle
Zane C.
Absolutely brilliant dentist! I have a fear of the dentist and the pain. I was totally put at ease with the lovely friendly down to earth staff, and felt no pain at all. I was looked after extremely well from beginning to end and I would definitely highly recommend.
Maura McLauchlin
Maura M.
Staff were amazing from the consultation all the way through to the end of treatment. Mark explained everything well and they really put you at ease. Jamie done amazing work fitting my implant and replacing my crowns leaving me smiling with confidence again and all completely pain free. I would highly more
Kelly Munro
Kelly M.
This really is what is says on the tin, pain free dentistry, completed in a short timescale. Service and knowledge from the team was excellent from the start and will complete my treatment by the end of next month.Would highlight recommend.
Jamie Moran
Jamie M.
After months of research into where to go for dental implants I decided on dentistry on the square and I am so glad I did. My whole experience has been completely pain free, I honestly didn't even feel the injection to numb my mouth. I can't thank everyone enough for the experience I have had, especially the 2 Jamie's, Andy and Sophie who all worked together to give me the best result possible. Not knowing what to expect I felt nervous and apprehensive about the who thing but each of the guys talked me through each step and reassured me. When I needed bonegrafting I was so worried that something would go wrong however Jamie reassured me and the end result has been so worth it. Thank you all again for giving me a big and confident smile again, I have hidden from smiling for so long and i can't tell you how much it means to me that I am going to be able to smile with confidence on our wedding day next week, best team thank you �read more
Vicky MacDonald
Vicky M.
Amazing team at dentistry on the square! Everyone is so helpful and professional , had my braces for 6 months and now coming to the end of having a perfect smile! So pleased with the results and the treatment has definitely been pain free! A big 5 star from me ⭐️
Gillian Ross
Gillian R.
From day one everyone has made me feel comfortable especially since I am such a nervous client. From Daryl sorting everything to do with my braces out and Amy doing my fillings which was pain free. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. Great team for nervous clients. Roll on seeing my End Results from my braces xread more
Lauren Ball
Lauren B.
Outstanding dentist and exceptional staff! Got my filling tonight from Amy and her assistant (sorry can’t remember name) I was at total ease and felt no pain whatsoever, I was well looked after and would highly recommend � from the first day I attended here to get my braces I have been made so welcome. Sophie has been excellent too with my appointments. Thank you so much for your excellent work, Antonyread more
Antony McShane
Antony M.
Just been for airflow and a hygiene appointment with Sophie completely pain free and lots of valuable advice on how to keep oral hygiene in check thank you 🙂
Cally Gedge
Cally G.
Thank you. Without exception, everyone I've met at Dentistry on the Square has been kind and helpful. I was extremely nervous, but the process of renewing my veneers has been well explained, timely and painless. Jamie is an artist and I am delighted with the results of your team efforts!
Sheila Cameron
Sheila C.
I would 110% recommend coming here for treatment , I'm so pleased with the work i had done , i was low on confidence and would hardly smile but now thanx to Daryl , Amy and Mark and the rest of the team who were really friendly and helpful, i have my confidence and my smile back. I had no pain on any of my visits , well exept that one time when Daryl gave me earphones to listen to some music while he worked and Justin Bieber came on grrrrr lol, i would like to thank Dawn, Daryl ,Amy and Mark for the excellent work they done for me, i have my life back , Thank u Dentistry on the Squareread more
Paul Walker
Paul W.
I would definitely recommend coming here for treatment - I'm so pleased with my lovely straight teeth and that I have proper retainers fitted now to stop them moving again. Thank you to Daryl, and the rest of team, who are really professional, friendly, and helpful. I had all my appointments booked in advance so that my braces were off in time for my sister's wedding; nothing was too much trouble and they make you feel liked a valued patient which is pretty rare these days. I was really worked up about getting my braces off but Amy was so busy chatting away to me that I didn't even notice she'd done it - no pain at all - I don't know what I was panicking about! Thank you � xread more
Jennifer Myszker
Jennifer M.
All of the team at Dentistry on the Square have been extremely professional from the outset. The fast track braces were pain free and delivered excellent results within a short period of time. Impeccable service from Jamie who made me feel at ease right from the very beginning, which was greatly appreciated considering my phobia of dentistry. Thanks, Gemma!read more
Gemma Reppke
Gemma R.
I'm absolutely delighted with the treatment I received from Amy and Jamie. I was very hesitant about getting braces due to my work but my braces weren't noticeable and didn't change my speech. Amy is very bubbly and makes your feel at ease and she talks through the process very clearly. I've never flossed so well after she went through it all. When she took off my braces I was told by friends it would be sore but there was no pain involved and she took them off within minutes. Jamie has been a dream. From the very first appointment until my last he has made me feel very comfortable. My teeth look amazing thanks to him and I can't recommend him enough. I've not experienced any pain and it's been a very smooth process. Thanks again to Jamie and Amyread more
Nicki MacDonald
Nicki M.
It was definitely a pain free process and I am very pleased with the result. The team have been excellent, very pleasant and professional I would definitely recommend Dentistry on the Square.
Mary Heath
Mary H.
Was in for a root canal recently, I can honestly say my fear of going to the Dentist is no more. Completely pain free treatment and on top of that I got to watch a movie throughout the entire process using these very nifty movie goggles. 🙂 thanks DOTS
Kevin Moore
Kevin M.
By far the best treatment I have received so far I was very nervous about getting implants had no need to worry as it was pain free did not feel anything you are made to feel so welcome all is explained to you, I cannot thank Mark & his staff enough
Anne McMillan
Anne M.
I am the most panicky and anxious person with the dentist but can honestly say Jamie made me feel comfortable and I actually enjoyed going to dentist my teeth are so much better and pain free indeed will be telling everyone about the best dentist in Glasgow x
Kimberley Elizabeth Anderson
Kimberley Elizabeth A.

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