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Success Stories

Sharing Patient Feedback With The Team At Our Morning Huddle


“I Think They Look Natural Actually To Be Honest” Says Paul


“I Thought If Anyone Can Get Me Over This Phobia It’s Going To Be You Guys” Says former nervous patient Sean


“No, I Never Felt Uncomfortable And I Never Felt Any Pain” Says Lauren


“Absolutely Amazing, Professional, Friendly, Relaxed, Exceeded My Expectations” Says Sara


“No More Spaces Between His Teeth For Gavin”


“I Didn’t Think You Could Get These Teeth Straight” Says Elaine


“pain Free Dentistry For Podrick, From Game Of Thrones”


“I Haven’t Felt One Ounce Of Pain” Says Graham


“They’re Amazing, I Love Them” Says High Speed Braces™ Patient, Pamela


“Nobody Knew Fran Was Wearing Invisalign”


“All I Can Say Is, You Say Its Pain Free And It’s Been 100% Pain Free”


“The Treatment Has Been Exceptional, I Cannot Fault It” Says Stephen


“My New Dentures Feel Absolutely Marvellous, 100% Better Than My Old Ones”


“Dentistry Without Pain But It’s Dentistry Without Judgement As Well”



“Heather Wanted Behind The Teeth Braces Because Of Her Job”


“Fast, Pain Free Smile Makeover For Allan”


“I Wanted The Perfect Smile For My Wedding”


“Straight Teeth In Just 3 Months, Ready For Hannah’s Wedding”


That’s Exceeded All My Expectations” Says Shaun


“No Pain, Very Quick, Straight Teeth In Just 3 Months”


“No Pain, No One Bit Of Pain” Says Braces Patient John


“People Couldn’t Believe I Had Braces On”


Liz Thought She Was Too Old For This But She’s Delighted


No Big Gap For George Following His Dental Implants Treatment


Fashion Blogger, Jamie Genevieve Shows off her New straight smile Following her Hidden High Speed Braces™ Treatment


TV Star Helen Flanagan Says “Nobody On Coronation Street Knew I Was Wearing Braces” 


“I’ll Be Smiling All Day At My Wedding” Says Veneers Patient Roisin


Jess Has A Really Bad Gag Reflex And Was Struggling With A Denture


My Dental Implants Make Me Feel So Much More Confident


Samantha has a straighter smile in just 4 1/2 months


“My Dental Implants Treatment Has Been Great” Says Angela


“Louisa Lytton Sees Her Smile For The 1st Time”


“same day veneers with Stage And TV Star Louisa Lytton”


“Shane Richie Experienced Pain Free Dentistry”


Jamie Genevieve Is Delighted To Have Discovered Behind Teeth Braces


“Jean Johansson transforms her smile and her confidence”


“She listened. She built up trust. She help and she delivered pain-free dental treatment”

 Award winning Glasgow dentistFor those that don’t know, I have endured 18 months of chemotherapy for breast cancer (and no, I don’t want your sympathy, thank you). And for the uninformed, chemo messes with your mouth.

I have suffered on numerous occasions sore gums: inflamed, bleeding, aching gums throughout my treatment. At times my gums have been so sore that I couldn’t eat certain foods.

I visited a dentist in February 2016 to have my mouth ‘looked at’, as I was experiencing sore, bleeding gums. Oh my goodness, what a horrific experience. I never suffered from fear of the dentist but after that visit I had developed a fear.

It was kind of weird because I had been treated by the same dental practice previously with ‘sore mouth syndrome’ and it was fairly uneventful. But on this occasion, in February, I encountered anything but calm and caring and gentle dentistry.

I did explain to the hygienist what I was going through and how sensitive my mouth was – blood was evident. She proceeded to clean my mouth with a high-speed handpiece on its lowest setting. OMG – it was unbearable. She clearly hadn’t listened to what I had said: ‘my mouth is very sensitive’. I stopped that part of the treatment; I couldn’t take anymore of the pain. And believe me, I have experienced a great deal of pain so it must have been seriously bloody awful. Next stage, the cleaning of the teeth. Flippin ‘eck it was dreadful. I stopped her, and I left.

My last chemo treatment was in October 2016 and my immune system must have been low as my mouth flared up again. Faced with the dilemma of what to do, I grabbed the bull by the horns and asked for help.

During a chat with Mark Skimming, practice owner of Dentistry on the Square in Glasgow, I explained what was going on, and he immediately booked me in with the hygienist at DOTS, Amy Workman.

I arrived at DOTS slightly nervous as I didn’t know truly what to expect. My concerns were short-lived. Amy (oh my goodness you can almost see her angel wings) was fantastic. She asked me a lot of questions; she had experience with chemo patients before and noted my fears and frustrations. Then she proceeded.

Was my treatment pain-free? It certainly was. Amy used hand instruments and gently cleaned my teeth. She listened. She built up trust. She help and she delivered pain-free dental treatment. She asked continuously throughout my treatment how I was and if I wanted a rest.

We communicated. Thanks to Dentistry On The Square my confidence has been restored in dentistry, and when I next visit my wonderful friends in Glasgow, Scotland, I will pop into see Amy at DOTS for a checkup.

To say thank you to Mark, Amy and the team at DOTS doesn’t even beginning to say what they did for me. Amazing, wonderful, don’t stop what you do best – delivering pain-free dentistry in a calm and gentle manner.

Says Ngaire Elder


“if there is anybody out there who is terrified, go to Dentistry in the Square”

I was at this Dentist today at 3pm. You are always taken on time, it’s such a beautiful place, and the staff are so friendly and caring.

I am terrified of the Dentist, but not any more, the Dentist who’s looking after me is a lovely guy, made me feel so much at ease, nothing is hurried, his name is Andy McIntyre, he is so professional, yet looks so young, just speaking to him made me feel so relaxed.

You can have a coffee from a wee machine in the waiting room if you feel like it, if there is anybody out there who is terrified, go to Dentistry in the Square, you’ll be made so welcome, you will never go anywhere else.

Says Jannette Dewart


“Coronation Street Star Helen Flanagan Experiences Pain Free Whitening” 


“Competition Winner Mary Gets To See Her New Smile For The First Time”


“Lesley Is Amazed By Her Straight, New Smile”


“Oh My God, I’ve Got White Teeth & They’re Straight”


“Patrick Is Buzzing After Seeing His Straight Smile After Just 3 months”


 Award winning Glasgow dentist


You Too Can Sit In The Same Dentists Chair As The Hoff!

 Award winning Glasgow dentist

What Our Patients Say

Got My Smile Back Says William

Not Like Your Normal Dentist! Says Lucy

1st Class Treatment Says David

Abolutley Brilliant Says Alex

No Pain Whatsoever Says Gillian

Definitley Recommend It Says Michelle

They Really Listen Says Shona

I'm Smiling A Lot More Says James

I Really Do Love It! Says Miss Glasgow

Its Been Fantastic Says Cara


“The Pain Free Dentistry they advertise is no gimmick”

Best dentist ever! I’ve just been today to get a tooth out. Daryl is the best I’ve ever been to. I’ve had very bad experiences with my last dentist which I’m still receiving treatment for a year & a half later.

I was terrified today & Daryl listened so patiently to my fears & so put me at ease.

The Pain Free Dentistry they advertise is no gimmick. I can honestly say that’s the first time I’ve EVER had a tooth out & felt no pain from start to finish.

Daryl your the best & I’ll never go anywhere else now, thank you so so much for today, you helped me so much x

—Andrea Bowman 

“they have cool TV glasses so that you can watch TV”

5 star Facebook Review. After years of bad experiences with my old dentist, it was such a relief to find an amazing dentist! Everyone that works there is so nice and friendly which I have never had before!

I can finally smile without being embarrassed of my teeth as Jamie has done such an amazing job of my teeth and has also made sure I felt comfortable by being so friendly and nice. It was completely pain free and they have cool tv glasses so that you can watch tv which helped!

Thank you so much for giving me my confidence back. I will definitely be recommending you to my friends! Kinda can’t wait until my next appointment.

—Megan Raphel

“great talented dentist”

5 star Facebook Review. Fantastic dentist. The best. Staff so nice and do anything to make you feel at ease. First time I have been to a dentist and never had any pain.

Implant surgery I would recommend. No pain what so ever. Mark Skimming is a great talented dentist. His staff are lovely.

—Lorraine Fullerton

“Truly pain free dentistry”

5 star Facebook Review. I couldn’t even phone to make the appointment myself for my first visit so overwhelming was my fear. I can honestly say I nearly look forward to my visits now.

Truly pain free dentistry and amazing staff and patient care. Couldn’t recommend Dentistry on the Square highly enough.

—Caroline Beveridge

“Amazed and over the moon”

5 star Facebook Review. Mark, Elaine, Amy and the rest of the team done a great job in getting what work I was needing done to my teeth in a short space of time.

Amazed and over the moon with the results in just 4 months what´s been achieved…..would highly recommend here for anybody looking for any treatments in a relaxing environment.

—Jamie Scott

“best experience I’ve ever had”

5 star Facebook Review. I went to Dentist on the Square on the recommendation of my daughter and can honestly say that this has been the best experience I’ve ever had of going to the dentist.

Everyone is so friendly and professional and are willing to explain in detail the treatment you will undergo. I had a crown renewed and braces to straighten my front teeth which has made such a difference.

Ferrol, Mark, Amy and all the team do all they can to make you feel at ease, with the result that I no longer get nervous going to get any dental work done. The end result is amazing and I just wish I hadn’t waited so long.

—Donna McLaughlin

“I Can’t Believe How Amazing The Results Are”

I can’t believe how amazing the results are in such a short time with the Inman Aligner. Amazing practice and definitely worth the 50 mile drive through from Falkirk. Really friendly staff always made me feel at ease.

—Sarah-Jane MacDonald

“Entirely PAIN FREE!”

Thanks to all staff for making the whole experience pleasant and entirely PAIN FREE! I am delighted with the results and would recommend it to anyone who wants quick, affordable results!

—Carol Burke (Bellshill)

“Completely Changed My Life!!!”

The treatment went by smoother than I had ever imagined and the staff were all very helpful. Mark – great guy who looked after me and my teeth incredibly well.

Thanks to all at the practice for completely changing my life!!! I would recommend to anyone.

—Adam Sinclair

 “It Was A Pleasure Coming Here”

Dentistry on the Square is an elegant, friendly and personable place. It was a pleasure coming here. How crazy does that sound? But it’s true, I enjoyed coming to the dentists here.

I look forward to my next appointment. Great job guys, you have a very happy customer!

—Amanda Quinn (Miss Earth) Glasgow City Centre

“Thanks You So Much For Making Me Feel At Ease”

Louise, Emma and Mark are all fantastic! I cannot speak highly enough about this surgery.

—Julie Sims (Queens Park)

“Quick To Answer Any Questions”

Brilliant service, would have recommended this dentist to everyone. Also very friendly and quick to answer any questions and queries.

—John Robinson

“Why My Sons and Nephew Are Patients Here Also”

Mark totally puts you at ease and explains everything that he is doing as he goes along. Would recommend this surgery to anyone. Both my sons and nephew are now patients here. All the staff are very friendly too.

—Liz Richards

“Used To Be A Nervous Patient Until I Met Dr Skimming”

I was a nervous patient previously, I was quickly re-assured and my mind put at ease. My whole treatment plan was a good experience with professional and friendly staff. I’m really pleased with the end result. Thanx

—Pamela Tindal

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“Oh My God It’s A Massive Difference”

Fast, Pain Free Smile Makeover For Allan

That’s Exceeded All My Expectations

"I Wanted The Perfect Smile For My Wedding"

“They’re Amazing, I Love Them”

Nobody Knew Fran Was Wearing Invisalign

You Say Its Pain Free And It’s Been 100% Pain Free

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