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ANKYLOS Dental Implants

ANKYLOS Dental Implants

ANKYLOS Dental Implants Glasgow

At Dentistry on the Square in Glasgow we utilise various Dental Implants products to suit your individual needs. One type of implants that we use are from a company called ANKYLOS.

ANKYLOS tooth implants are excellent quality and are used across the world to help replace missing teeth and rebuild broken smiles.

Dental implants are based on the natural structure of your tooth.

For over 25 years, ANKYLOS dental implants system has been helping us dentists to recreate beautiful, natural smiles for our patients. The system enables a dentist to replace missing teeth with long-lasting restorations that look and function just like the real thing. 

The two-piece ANKYLOS® design allows the implant to be located to provide the strongest possible foundation at the same time as achieving the optimum orientation for the restoration on top – crown, bridge or denture. But, this is only half the story. Healthy supporting bone and gums around the implant are essential for its long-term stability and sustained natural appearance.

The natural aesthetics and long-term stability of the ANKYLOS dental implants is a result from of the strength and integrity of the connection between the implant and the fitting that supports the restoration. TheANKYLOS TissueCare Connection is a precisely engineered to ensures a tight fit, this prevents micromovement and leakage of oral fluids into the implant body.

The avoidance of both microbial and mechanical irritation reduces the risk of inflammation, thereby enhancing recovery of and long term health of the underlying bone and surrounding gum tissues.

For more information on ANKYLOS dental implants, the cost of dental implants or any other other implant products on offer at Dentistry on the Square please contact us.

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