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Comfortable New Dentures

Comfortable New Dentures

Are You Having A Denture Crisis?

Are You Tired Of Having To Deal With Sore Gums And Ulcers?

We get a lot of patients coming in with old, worn, ill-fitting dentures that don’t look great. With 3D dentures we can provide patients with the improvement they are looking for. we have excellent suction with these dentures and the retention Is fantastic. The bite is very stable, the function is excellent. 

Along with that we’ve got some excellent aesthetics, a lot of shapes and sizes of tooth that we can pick from as well as getting the gums shaped and contoured to look as natural as possible, so nobody needs to know that you have got dentures in.

Andy Explains the benefits of 3D dentures

Do You Wish That You Could Eat Out In Public Again Without Feeling Self-conscious And Embarrassed?

If your answer is ‘yes’ then Dentistry On The Square are ready to help you. With our Comfortable – Natural Looking Dentures you will start feeling good about yourself again, and have the confidence to go out and dine with friends and family again.

There are many people who cope well with dentures, but there are also many people who find them uncomfortable and at times embarrassing to wear. Some people may even struggle to eat.

“Everything Was Brilliant, No Pain Whatsoever”


There are a number of options open to you depending on if you are missing several or all of your teeth.

Dentistry On The Square in Glasgow are offering a “Free Dentures Info Kit

Denture Success Kit

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Includes your Comfortable – Natural Looking Dentures Information Kit, a Denture Crisis Quiz, a Free ‘Chew Steak Challenge’ certificate worth £100 to spend in a Steak Restaurant (implants only), and a new guide just released Amazing Facts About Fixing Your Denture Crisis, and a VOUCHER for a FREE Denture Audit.

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Complimentary Consultation With a Smile Advisor Today

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