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SynCone Dental Implants

SynCone Dental Implants 

Are you looking for a fast and effective way of having secure, natural looking dentures?

Dental implants Glasgow

Here at Dentistry on the Square we have a number of clients that come to us looking for answers to their dentures problems. For many people dentures can be very uncomfortable, they can move about, and even fall out at embarrassing moments. We therefore offer a number of solutions to solve this awkward issue.

A popular choice for many denture wearers are SynCone dental implants. With SynCone dental implants, between 4 (lower jaw) to 6 (upper jaw) implants are placed in the jaw. These tooth implants have tapered posts fitted to them.  These tapered posts are attached to the implants lock tightly into place with a type of cap that is placed into the base of a removable bridge. This tight connection between the post and the cap help to support and secure the bridge.

Unlike many other dental Implant treatment’s, the SynCone dental implants system allows your bridge to be held in place by the dental implants on the same day you have your treatment,  rather than waiting 3-6 months like with some other dental implant systems.

An additional plus point is that SynCone bridges also have less of a tendency to cause gum and bone shrinkage than some of the more traditional implant-retained dentures systems.

If you are tired of loose fitting dentures and repeated adjustments, Synconecould be the answer for you. In as little as one visit, you can begin to eat and smile with confidence again.

If you would like to know more about the Syncone dental implants treatment please give us a call today or complete the form below for a Complimentary Consultation to see if you are suitable for dental implants.

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