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Emergency Dentist Glasgow

Emergency Dentist Glasgow 



with complete and clear guidance and cost of any further treatment that you may require!

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PLUS A “DENTAL GUARANTEE” Your visit will be FREE if we don’t assist you within 59 minutes of your appointment on the day of your call, and that even includes Saturday mornings!

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Are You Suffering From A Tooth Crisis? 

  • Prevent painful toothache?
  • Replace loose crowns?
  • Change broken fillings?
  • Heal uncomfortable and bleeding gums?

Emergency Dentist Glasgow is here to improve…stress free help inside 59 minutes of your advised arrival at award winning Dentistry On The Square or your visit can be cost-free, our 100% guarantee

Dental Emergency Guarantee

STRESS FREE assistance in one of the main dentistry studios. Get a cost-free visit if we don’t help you inside 59 minutes of your visit on the day of your call, including Saturday mornings.


with complete and clear guidance and cost of any further treatment that you may require!

The Emergency Dentist Tooth Crisis Glasgow

End Your Discomfort in 59 Minutes or less.

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If Discomfort Is Overlooked

What will come about if Dental APPOINTMENTS ARE MISSED: It is perfectly understandable – quite a few people try to tough it out, true grit, some people think it is soft to go to a dental professional for a tiny tooth ache or a yearly check up.

However, frequent or periodically recurring tooth troubles is your mouth´s sole way of alerting you, maybe to a potentially significant problem – discomfort is a way of telling you which must not be ignored.

It may progressively get worse – you may lose time at work.

After back pain, dental troubles are one of the main causes of time lost from work. In these days of manufacturer downsizing and job insecurity, you want to be at work and at your very best when you are there.

It may make future necessary dental treatment a lot more difficult, a lot more time consuming, a lot more costly and much less effective.

Delaying essential treatment, masking discomfort with aspirin or various medications may solely be successful at creating treatment much more difficult at a time when you can no longer put it off.

It may produce a necessity for dental surgery.

Dentistry Surgical treatment is no small matter. Going below the knife constantly has some element of risk. Your ability to work and play may be limited after surgery. Surgical treatment and recuperation can be quite costly.

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