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CFast Clear Braces

CFast Clear Braces

 "It Really Has Changed My Life" Says Caroyln

Billie Faiers gets clear braces

Discover Why 23-year-old ‘Only Way Is Essex’ star Billie Faiers opts for Virtually Invisible CFast Braces, “which will straighten her teeth within a matter of months” claims the Daily Mail.

After reading this (fascinating article), reply to this email with your mobile number for a ‘Complimentary Am I Suitable CFast Braces Audition’ usually £97, free all this month. And if you go ahead with CFast, there are also special offers for whitening too.

Click Here to get the full Daily Mail story; you won’t believe how invisible they look!

Are you embarrassed to smile? Would you like a non surgical way to straighten your smile quickly?

Cfast could be the solution for you. Cfast straight teeth is a simple, gentle orthodontic treatment that is only minimally invasive. It corrects alignment issues with your top and bottom front six teeth and can also help to level and round out the arches of your smile, making this an excellent straight teeth solution for the majority of adult patients.

Cfast Clear Braces

Cfast Straight Teeth Glasgow

The Cfast system uses clear orthodontic braces along with tooth-coloured wires. So you can comfortably wear the almost invisible braces without the worry of people knowing that you are having orthodontic treatment . The movement of your teeth is much more predicable when using Cfast and as a result the treatment can actually be much faster than other systems.

As the wires are only gently applying pressure to the braces to align and straighten your teeth you will actually feel very little discomfort.

Why Cfast?

cfast straight teeth in Glasgow

The Cfast straight teeth system is a fast, effective and affordable orthodontic treatment for adults looking for a solution to live their lives with greater confidence.

Cfast takes less time than conventional orthodontics because it focuses only on the the front 6 teeth that most influence your smile.

In addition with clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires, Cfast is barely noticeable to others, and is only worn for a fraction of the time compared to traditional braces.

What Next?

If you are unhappy with your smile and think Cfast could be the answer for you, please complete the complimentary consultation form below to see if you are suitable.

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