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Clear Aligner

Clear Aligner Straight Teeth

Clear Aligner Straight Teeth Glasgow

You don’t have to accept gaps in your teeth anymore! Let me Explain…

For many of you that have gaps in your teeth or your teeth are overcrowded, you can be put off undertaking orthodontic treatment because you are scared of wearing a brace. However, you don’t need to worry.

Here at Dentistry on the Square in Glasgow we offer the latest straight teeth systems that fit in to your busy lifestyles.

Clear Aligner offers a system that is virtually invisible and their clear splint is transparent and smooth, without any screws or brackets!

As a result you can feel comfortable and attractive with a great new smile.

The Clear Aligner splint fits in with your lifestyle. You can talk and laugh as normal and as I said, it’s barely visible.

As there are no screws and wires the Clear Aligner has a comfortable almost familiar feel in your mouth, and when eating you can simply pop it out.

Today is your time to start feeling better about your smile. So, if you are looking for a clear, comfortable option to gently move your teeth into position, clear aligner could be the solution for you.

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