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Dental Implants Glasgow

Dental Implants Glasgow

“You Can Replace Your Missing Teeth For Less Than The Price Of A Coffee At Starbucks”

From as little as £1.72 per day, dental implants are a lot more affordable than you think

“Jamie Reveals The Benefits Of Using A Laser For Dental Implants”


New Laser Fitted Dental Implants

People of Scotland,  We would like to ask you two quick questions. The answers may change your life.

  1. Are you fed up with loose fitting dentures that always move around and fall out at the worst moment? And in public too?
  2. Are you also embarrassed to smile because of missing, and wobbly teeth?

If you have answered “yes” to either of the above questions then we can help. Here’s how…

First Off, What Exactly Is A Dental Implant?

Your Dental Implant Restoration Options

Why The Cost Of A Dental Implant Can Vary

How Successful Is A Dental Implant Treatment?

Been Told That You Don’t Have Enough Bone For A Dental Implant?

Fast And Fixed Same Day Teeth


Half A Day Dental Implants

You may not believe us, but it’s now possible to place new dental implants in half a day. If you have some or all your teeth missing, with a  bit of planning at the start, we can often place implants and place new teeth on to them, allowing  you to chew, smile and feel happy about your appearance on that morning or afternoon! How amazing is that?

Dentistry On The Square are revolutionising dental implant dentistry in Glasgow. Treatment can now be carried out in half a day letting you get back to your life much sooner. In the past, patients used to wait three to six months for treatment to be complete, but now, most of the dentistry and the treatment can be carried out in half a day.

In addition to advanced scanning technology we also use a “Gentle Laser” to fit teeth implants, meaning your treatment is virtually painless with minimal swelling and infection.

No Big Gap For George Following Dental Implant Treatment

My Dental Implants Make Me Feel So Much More Confident

My Dental Implants Treatment Has Been Really Great


 Discover New Dental Implants in Glasgow

We’re offering you the chance to receive a Complimentary Guide to Dental Implants which, reveals how you can finally put an end to denture suffering and missing and wobbly teeth.

Our guide reveals medically tested principles and advice on dental implants. And explains how to improve your smile, and move away from ill-fitting, irritating dentures that pop-up, gag you, fly out or get stuck when eating. 

Patients that have new dental implants fitted to replace their missing teeth tell us how they are now able to chew food again and eat out in restaurants with confidence.  What’s more they have more self-belief and no longer feel the need to hide their smile.

In addition, the Dental Implants Guide covers all aspects of your dental health, because we want you to know all the facts and what hidden dangers you may face if you stick with your dentures or missing teeth your entire life.

Get Your Free Dental Implants Guide Today!

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Jamie Talks You Through The Dental Implant Initial Process

Your New Patient Experience

Using Cutting Edge Technology


Five Major Dental Implants Benefits:

  1. Ending denture suffering or missing teeth in just half a day!
  2. Improving your fight against Heart Disease
  3. Being able to eat what you want, when you want!
  4. Avoiding the collapse of your lower face
  5. Having confidence to eat out with friends again

We have been informed our guide to Dental Implants has been a great help to a number of denture sufferers with missing teeth. Additionally, dental implant treatment has also helped to improve personal relationships for my patients and to build up their self-confidence and make them feel brighter and more alert than normal.

If you, a friend or family member are experiencing problems with dentures or missing and wobbly teeth this could be the most important guide you will ever read.

3 Solutions To Your Denture & Missing Teeth Concerns

Using PGRF To Improve Your Implants Experience

Don’t Ever Feel Embarrassed By Your Smile


Did You Know We Also Offer Non-Metal Dental Implants?

At Dentistry On The Square we are always striving to provide the latest techniques and technology for our patients, which is why we now offer non-metal dental implants as an option when looking to replace missing teeth.

Ceramic and zirconia dental implants are 100% metal free solution designed to support a natural soft tissue appearance. Some of our patients feel there are benefits of using ceramic implants as an alternative to traditional titanium implants. All of which can be discussed with you when you come in for a complimentary consultation.  

Not everyone will be suitable for Ceramic and zirconia dental implants, which is why we always encourage people to come along to the practice for a consultation, so we can see your mouth and teeth and then provide you with the best possible solution to replace your missing teeth. 

Would you like to know more about Non-Metal implants? Just pop your details into the form below.


We Don’t Want You To Have Any Hidden Or Unexpected Costs


Your Next Step?

We offer a Complimentary Consultation so you can come to the practice find out more about Dentistry On The Square and the implants treatment. It also gives us the opportunity to find out more about you and your needs and let you know if you are suitable.

Just pop your details into the form below for a Complimentary Consultation with your Smile Advisor, Elaine or Dawn.


Complimentary Consultation With Elaine or Dawn

Smile Advice, Usually £97 but now FREE

Complimentary Consultation With Elaine or Dawn

(Subject to availability)

Come and speak for Free with our Smile Advisor. Call today on 0141 423 8877 (24/7) or complete the form

A meeting with our Smile Advisor, Elaine or Dawn, at our practice or if you are nervous we can arrange to meet at our local coffee shop.

You can relax with a hot drink while you chat about how, and in what ways, Fear Free Dentistry can improve your dental health.

Included in your complimentary consultation:

  • Address your concerns and desires
  • Discuss treatment options suitable for you
  • See before & after photos and patient testimonials
  • Offer of interest free finance options
  • Opportunity to book your clinical assessment.

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Looking For A New Smile But Worried About The Cost?

Looking For A New Smile But Worried About The Cost?

Don’t Worry, We Can Help!

Pay Nothing For The First 6 Months

or Spread The Cost Over 5 years

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Replacing Missing Teeth With Dental Implants

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