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Laser Fitted Dental Implants in Glasgow

“You Can Replace Your Missing Teeth For Less Than The Price Of A Coffee At Starbucks”

From as little as £1.72 per day, dental implants are a lot more affordable than you think

People of Scotland,  We would like to ask you two quick questions. The answers may help to change your life.

Number 1 – Are you fed up with loose fitting dentures that move around and fall out at the worst moment?

Number 2 – Are you also embarrassed to smile because of missing, and wobbly teeth?

If you have answered “yes” to either of the above questions then we can help. Here’s how…

Dental implants are the closest replacements we have for teeth. They are fixed into the mouth like our teeth to help chew.

Dentistry On The Square are passionate about providing a fully personalised service and restoring, not only the teeth of our patients but their confidence in their appearance.

Furthermore, we offer appointments that fit around your busy schedule to ensure that you are at ease throughout the entire dental implants treatment process from consultation through to assessing the final result.

Before we go any further lets answer a couple of questions that we’re sure you have. Firstly, why choose Dentistry On The Square for your treatment, and secondly why do we use a Gentle Dental Laser instead of the traditional scalpel and blades? Here’s our experience Dental Implants Dentist Jamie to explain…

Why We Think We Are The Best For Your Implant Treatment

Why Do We Use A Laser For Our Dental Implant Treatment?


Why Should You Choose Dentistry On The Square For Your Dental Implant Treatment?

⇒ To begin with your dental implant treatment will be pain free during your appointments or your money back guarantee*

⇒ In addition, we guarantee you will be able to eat the food you want with all fixed implant treatments

⇒ All our implant treatments is performed using a gentle laser to improve healing time as well as significantly reducing post operative swelling and discomfort, meaning you can get on with your life straight away

⇒ We can arrange complimentary consultations with our smile advisors, where all options, as well costs and options to spread the payment of your treatment up to 5 years can be discussed

⇒ We work around your busy schedule with late night and Saturday morning appointments available

⇒ We are a fully digital practice with pre-treatment imaging and planning which allows you to see the proposed plan on screen in full before commencing treatment

⇒ Did you know we have our own integrated dental lab for faster construction times for your restorations and we can even offer ‘same day teeth’ options if you are suitable

⇒ Master ceramist restoration construction allows us to create smiles to your preferred appearance

⇒ You are in safe hands. We have experienced implant dentists who have treated hundreds of cases with previous before and after picture available for you to see

⇒ Check us out online. We have hundreds of independent reviews on Google and Facebook, showing previous patients experience of what we do and how happy they are with results

I just want to say a huge thank you to Dr Jamie Kerr who really is a fantastic dentist and true to their word you feel no pain. I have just had my last appointment with Jamie for implant treatment and due to get my new teeth next month can‘t wait. Thank you Jill
J W.
02:23 23 Feb 20
For anyone considering dental implants I would highly recommend Dentistry on the Square. I was very anxious at starting the process but everyone has been exceptional in providing a first class, pain free experience. Absolutely delighted with the finished results.
21:26 27 Dec 19
HI Im just finished with my treatment at Dentistry On The Square,during my treatment I had a few teeth removed and it was 100%pain free never felt a thing during the extractions and didn't have any pain in the following days either,since then I have had great hygiene care and implants fitted two replace my front four teeth,again all the treatment from start to finish with my implants was 100%pain free.I would like to thank all the wonderful friendly staff at the practice for the amazing way I was looked after and treated during the whole process.I can honestly and happily say im delighted with my new smile and would thoroughly recommend to everyone that DENTISTRY ON THE SQUARE is number one and the place to go.THANKS AGAIN TO EVERYONE what a great team.
William C.
16:31 17 Dec 19
Just had op for 2 implants, sinus lift and bone graft and I have to say just amazing thank you so much Jamie. I felt no pain and I was extremely nervous but Jamie has a very calming and friendly manner which puts you at ease. Everyone in the practice are extremely welcoming and give you a relaxing feeling. Good luck Jamie with young dentist of the year you will definitely win.
Jill W.
14:54 07 Nov 19
I had always wanted to have a dental makeover but had real anxiety about attending.I have just completed my treatment which included implants and I am absolutely delighted with the results.Throughout the process staff have been so supportive and understanding and both Jamie's are amazing at what they do. This has improved my confidence and I am now having to practice smiling after years of hiding my teeth .
Selina F.
07:12 08 Oct 19
Had dental implant, looked after by gerry skeffinton & jamie kerr who provided excellent service, any problems they answered my concerns. Implant working well implant took 5 months from 1st consoltation to complete. Also amy jackson provided hygeniest 1st class service. Also got enlighten whitening done, teeth went to b1 well impressed.
William A.
16:59 28 May 19
I have a fear of dentists and i spent a long time debating having implants but i am glad i chose dentistry on the square. The treatment was as they say pain free and all the staff were amazing and i am loving my new teeth.Thanks again for everything.John Barrett
John B.
09:00 22 Apr 19
Staff were amazing from the consultation all the way through to the end of treatment. Mark explained everything well and they really put you at ease. Jamie done amazing work fitting my implant and replacing my crowns leaving me smiling with confidence again and all completely pain free. I would highly recommend.
Kelly M.
18:04 14 Feb 19
Staff were amazing from the consultation all the way through to the end of treatment. Mark explained everything well and they really put you at ease. Jamie done amazing work fitting my implant and replacing my crowns leaving me smiling with confidence again and all completely pain free. I would highly recommend.
Kelly M.
18:03 14 Feb 19
Cannot recommend the practice highly enough. I have had several implants and restorative work carried out over the past year. Absolutely delighted with the finished results. Kept thoroughly informed throughout the process and totally pain free!The practice has a totally relaxed atmosphere from the minute you arrive and all the staff are extremely friendly and professional. if you're thinking about having any treatments, don't be shy, get in touch with the team.Special mention to the two Jamie's !!!Thanks a million guys, for all your skill and expertise !!!
Iain G.
23:41 02 Feb 19
I recently had a couple of implants fitted and to begin with was quite nervous about the whole procedure but the team were very professional and personable throughout and went to great lengths to ensure things went smoothly. I was offered a range of flexible treatment and payment options and everything was explained clearly to me at all times from the first appointment to the last. I’m delighted with the results and would highly recommend Dentistry on the Square to anyone who is anxious about visiting the dentist – you’ll be well taken care of!
John M.
19:42 28 Jan 19
Last year I decided to look into dental implants and a friend of mine recommended Dentistry on the Square. I would like to also recommend Dentistry on the square. From the first appointment with the smile team who explained everything to me in great detail to me finally having my new teeth they were all very friendly and supportive. Jamie & Kelly were the best I always felt relaxed and informed throughout the whole process. A big thank you to Jamie & Kelly for making my time with them so warm & welcoming and I now have my new teeth and I am over the moon with the end result.
Caroline R.
16:15 22 Dec 18
After months of research into where to go for dental implants I decided on dentistry on the square and I am so glad I did. My whole experience has been completely pain free, I honestly didn't even feel the injection to numb my mouth. I can't thank everyone enough for the experience I have had, especially the 2 Jamie's, Andy and Sophie who all worked together to give me the best result possible. Not knowing what to expect I felt nervous and apprehensive about the who thing but each of the guys talked me through each step and reassured me. When I needed bonegrafting I was so worried that something would go wrong however Jamie reassured me and the end result has been so worth it. Thank you all again for giving me a big and confident smile again, I have hidden from smiling for so long and i can't tell you how much it means to me that I am going to be able to smile with confidence on our wedding day next week, best team thank you �
Vicky M.
16:18 28 Sep 18
I cant thank the team at dentistry on the square enough! I have just finished undergoing treatment after suffering dental/facial trauma in a bad fall in 2016. Unfortunately at the time of my accident i was pregnant and was told by other dentists i couldnt undergo any radical treatment so i put up with tooth loss and pain from broken teeth for months. I eventually had enough as i had no confidence left and my usually bubbly self was no more! I visited the practice and felt right at ease. My initial meetings with dawn really helped put me at ease and made me less anxious about everything. I cant thank jamie kerr enough for everything he did for me during getting the implants in, himself and his dental nurse are such a good team and really helped me feel better abour everything. Thanks to jamie kinnell for helping finish my smile by placing the implants and giving me the weekend to get used to them really helped! Sophie the dental hygienist is so great and knowledgeable about proper cleaning with implants i have no fear about caring for them. Also the receptionist jane is possibly the nicest person ive met! Sorry this is such a long review i just cant thank everyone enough for helping get my smile and just as importantly my confidence back! If anyone is needing work done on their teeth i would highly recommend the dentistry on the square team. Thanks again! X
Eilidh F.
20:22 17 Jun 18
Hated the dentist all my days and after having an accident in September smashing my front teeth i summoned the courage to attend after a recommendation loads of teeth out and 6 implants later I never felt a thing thanks again ��
Graeme H.
20:20 06 Mar 18
Yesterday I went through the second stage of getting implants fitted, the procedure isn't something you look forward to, but can honestly say I am glad I picked these guys. Mark takes you through every stage and if you feel the slightest niggle he sorts it immediately no question, staff all make you feel welcome and I am really looking forward to seeing the end results. Ps they get you to watch comedies like still game when they are working on you so sometimes difficult not to laugh.
Angela M.
16:28 09 Feb 17
I was recommended by a friend to Dentistry On The Square for an implant which was my front tooth. Mark was fantastic at explaining everything that would happen through every stage. Due to my son getting married I wanted to have the procedure completed before the wedding which Mark and Jamie arranged to fit in completing on the day before the wedding!! All went very well and I was delighted with the result- I felt 'Normal' for the wedding as I had had an NHS bridge in and it was very uncomfortable. Amy did a great job on the scale, Polish, cleaning and bleaching to ensure my teeth looked their best. Exceptionally professional business who treat their patients with the utmost consideration and respect and are extremely friendly with it.
Margaret D.
17:19 08 Mar 16
By far the best treatment I have received so far I was very nervous about getting implants had no need to worry as it was pain free did not feel anything you are made to feel so welcome all is explained to you, I cannot thank Mark & his staff enough
Anne M.
18:45 30 Sep 15
Finally had my new tooth fitted today onto my implant.A really first class job, Mark and the rest of the team were brilliant and I love my new 🙂 Cheers guys!
Kenny A.
14:57 24 Oct 12

⇒ And finally, we are part of a multi award winning dental practice group, winning awards including Best Practice, Best Patient Care, Best Treatment Of Nervous Patients And Best Young Dentist In Scotland

At Dentistry On The Square, you really are in the best hands.

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5 star google reviews

5 star google reviews


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