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Nervous & Phobic Dental Patients

Nervous Dental Patients

Dr Mark Skimming Is Crusading To Bring the People of Glasgow “Dentistry Without Fear”


“Introducing our needle free system”

Here at Dentistry on the Square we’ve got lots of *pain-free techniques to try and make your visit as pleasant and as comfortable as possible.

One of those techniques we have is use of our needle-free inject system which means you can have your anaesthetic at the dentist with no needles.

We have a lot of anxious patients at our practice, a lot of these patients have a fear of needles or a needle phobia.

Inject system is great, this is it here, as there are no needles involved at all. In a different demonstration, as you can see, very simple and it allows you to have your anaesthetic without use of any needles.

“I Thought If Anyone Can Get Me Over This Phobia It’s Going To Be You Guys” Says former nervous patient Sean


“No Pain Laser Treatment Every Time” says Dona

“No Nerves” says Pamela Tindal

“Painless Dentistry” says Mrs McDonald

Today, there are a number of ways in which you can achieve *Pain Free Dentistry, which can work for you, right now, in your lifetime.

Now according to the British Dental Health Foundation, 20 percent of the population who have been to the dentist suffer from fear of the going back to the dentist. A percentage also fears pain.

“No More Dental Injections”

At Dentistry On The Square we have invested a considerable sum to deliver Painless Dentistry and we can prove it. There are many ways to combat pain, and we follow guidelines from, one of the world’s leading website dedicated for fear free dentistry. And other experts in the field of painless dentistry.

Painless Dentistry techniques

  1. The Waterlase – provides painless removal of decay and quick healing of any implant work
  2. Quick sleeper numbs teeth with no pain from a typical injection
  3. Numbing gel prevents any discomfort from needle tips
  4. DVD goggles and noise cancelling headphones allow you to relax and keep your mind off treatment
  5. Same day crowns reduces the need for appointments and reduces irritation of teeth nerves
  6. Comfortable and relaxing environment not of your ‘typical dental practice’.

Jamie Explains How We Help Nervous Patients Overcome Their Fear

Our Painless Dentistry claims are backed up with testimonials from our patients. Without proof, we could not make these claims. 

 Award winning Glasgow dentist

Our claims are based on fact and proof from our patients and hence a justified expectation of the pain free results you can achieve.

We are so convinced that you will feel no pain, we will refund your money if you do.

No matter what cosmetic dental treatment you have in mind… there is a PAINLESS method that will help gain your confidence back painlessly, easily, quickly, affordably and at the same time help your family and friends.

Discover Your “Painless” Dentist In Glasgow

Dr Skimming has developed his own unique method of painless dentistry; a process so advanced that your fear of dentistry will vanish in seconds. Where else can you find Dentistry for Busy People giving you the flexibility to choose when you have your dentistry?


Are You Still Unsure? Yes … Do You Need More Answers?

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Click Here For A Copy Of My Pain Free Book

 Award winning Glasgow dentist

Dr Mark Skimming is a Dental Phobia Certified dentist


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A meeting with our Smile Advisor, Elaine or Dawn, at our practice or if you are nervous we can arrange to meet at our local coffee shop.

You can relax with a hot drink while you chat about how, and in what ways, Fear Free Dentistry can improve your dental health.

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Pain Free Selfies

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Looking For A New Smile But Worried About The Cost?

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